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Hangul Filler (U+3164) | Copy and Paste [   ] Character

Hangul Filler Unicode character (U+3164) is a special character used in the Korean writing system, Hangul. Its primary purpose is to fill in empty spaces in ...

Remove All Whitespaces From Text – Delete Blank Space

The BSC (BlankSpaceCopy) Whitespace Remover is a efficient tool designed specifically for web developers, bloggers, programmers, and more. This easy-to-use ...

Line Separator (U+2028) | Copy and Paste [
] Character

Line Separator has the Unicode value U+2028 and the HTML code (&#8232). Copy Line Separator Character ...

Right-To-Left Mark (U+200F) | Copy and Paste [‏] Character

The Right-To-Left Mark is a control character, similar to the Left-To-Right Mark (LRM). It has the Unicode value U+200F and the HTML code (‏). ...

Left-To-Right Mark (U+200E) | Copy and Paste [‎] Character

The Left-to-Right Mark, represented as U+200E in Unicode, is especially useful for maintaining the correct left-to-right orientation of punctuation marks in a ...

Braille Pattern Blank (U+2800) | Copy and Paste [⠀] Character

The dots-0 Braille pattern, also known as a blank Braille pattern, is a configuration where no dots are raised on a 6-dot or 8-dot Braille cell. It's ...

En Quad Space (U+2000) | Copy and Paste [ ] Character

The "en quad" (U+2000) refers to a space that is exactly one 'en' in width. The 'en' is a measurement equivalent to the width of the uppercase 'N' in the ...

Em Quad Space (U+2001) | Copy and Paste [ ] Character

An EM QUAD (U+2001), often simply referred to as an "em," is a unit of measurement equal to the current point size of the font. The EM SPACE is a space ...

Medium Mathematical Space | Copy and Paste [ ] Character

The Medium Mathematical Space (Unicode U+205F) is a spacing character used in mathematical expressions and formulas. This specific space is smaller than a ...

Narrow No-Break Space | Copy and Paste [ ] Character

The Narrow No-Break Space (NNBSP) is represented by Unicode U+202F. It is slightly larger than a Hair Space but smaller than a Thin Space and is typically ...

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